My name is Michael Cox, and I’m an architect in Houston.  My passion for design began at an early age, but developed mostly while studying at Texas Tech University, where I received a BA in Architecture, Master’s of Architecture, and an MBA.  As a designer, I consider myself a purist.  I believe that materials and structure should remain as they inherently are, without trying to hide their qualities.  Cleanliness and efficiency are key.  My own designs always lean towards a very clean, yet comfortable solution.

Architects put a huge responsibility on themselves to make the lives of others better by improving their surroundings.

Architecture is an incredible profession that not only designs form and space, but also solutions.  Good design solves problems, and solves them well, while at the same time evoking profound human emotions and appealing to multiple senses.  Good design is also simple; it will stand on its own without pretentious discussion or persuasion, and presents itself without the aid of elaborate oration.  However, just because a design is simple, does not mean the process involved is also simple.  Only with very critical thought and questioning of every aspect can a “simply complex” design occur.

This website is an outlet for showcasing my creativity, thoughts, and opinions on design, as well as sharing interesting sources for inspiration.  Thank you for taking the time to visit!  If you have any thoughts, constructive criticisms, or other comments please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment at the bottom of a post!