Is Sketchup Bad?

Is Sketchup Bad?

Is SketchUp a terrible tool for design?  It seems as though it allows a designer to think intuitively and quickly, which in my opinion is a definite advantage.  Many times a good designer has gut feelings or intuitive reactions about a design solution, and it’s important not to interrupt that train of thought.  If a toolset is too involved it can be detrimental to design.  Hence the reason Revit is awful for design – it’s much too involved to study a desired result.

That being said, SketchUp is TOO easy.  A person can create shapes and objects with absolutely no premises or grounds for fruition.

In the hands of a skilled designer, can SketchUp be a good tool? Or can it never be a good tool?

The reason I’m asking is because in the practicing world of architecture, both large and small firms, famous and never heard of – use SketchUp extensively for design.  It can’t be that ALL the buildings out there that were designed in SketchUp turned out terrible…then again, 99% of buildings out there are terrible…

I know that I use SketchUp on a daily basis to quickly study a design.  Other than sketching and physical modeling, this is the only tool for design afforded me by my company – and I have no real issues with that.  Of course I’d like to branch out more and experiment with parametric forms – but even still those can derive forms and shapes with no premises as well.  So, I’m leaving this thought open-ended.  I don’t know the answer.